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How to Get Job Faster with AI-powered Resume Builder [ FREE TOOL ]

First Impression is the best impression.

For a fresher, the first impression with a recruiter is very important. And most of the time the first contact will be through your CV or Resume.

It has an impact on the decision of being recruited by the interviewer.

Therefore, being a fresher your goal should be to leave a positive impression on the recruiter’s minds.

So, without delay  Let’s dive into details,

In this article, you will find In-depth knowledge about creating a Compelling CV /Resume with Example.


  • What Is Resume / CV?
  • Difference between CV & Resume
  • Why You need a Compelling CV /Resume?
  • Different Types of CV/Resume
  • How to create a winning Resume with AI-powered Resume builder?
  • Key takeaways:  Lifetime deal of  Premium Resume Builder

#1 What is Resume/CV?

CV or Resume is the authentic picture of who you are, What are your unique skills and competences.

Though CV and Resume are little different both serve the same purpose and that is your identity as an applicant to any organization.

In simple words, it is the summarized version of you, that an interviewer/employer takes into consideration for any open position.

Moving to the next part, Let’s understand the difference

#2 Difference Between CV & Resume

RESUME: A resume is a  document which contains the information like your Education Details, Skills and Achievements you have. It is usually a one-page document. The goal of a resume is to make an individual stand out from the competition.

A resume doesn’t have to be ordered chronologically, doesn’t have to cover your whole career like and is a highly customizable document.

Maximum fresher has a misunderstanding about CV and Resume and they consider both same. Even while I was a fresher at that time, I had the same misconception.

Let me share, What a CV is,


CV: CV is a ( Curriculum Vitæ, which means a course of life in Latin) in dept document that covers all the information’s about your work experience, publications, affiliations, research projects, coursework & awards.

In simple words High-level documentation about yourself with two pages or more than that. This document tends to be organized chronologically to give an overview of your career.

Basically, CV is for only those who have maximum years of experience in their professional field including differents achievements and projects.

Let’s revise:

CV – long, covers your entire career, static
Resume – short, no particular format rule, highly customizable.

#Why You need a Compelling CV /Resume?

A professional & attractive resume will be your main asset if you are applying for any job.

You may need to follow this standard procedure during campusing or while you are trying Off-campus.

As every professional wants to hire a person who is dedicated and capable enough to face the tough situation and overcome it quickly.

So, being a candidate you have to show all your skills and achievements in one document which will reflect your talent in front of recruiters.

A fact Says,

Recruiters spent an average of 10 to 30 secs on resume-checking before going into the next RESUME.

So, here is your opportunity to fill the gap by looking into yourself that reflects on your professional resume filling the appropriate data and achievements.

There was a time while I was completely unknown about making a unique resume and later I found it has an impact on selection too.

But you know a complete professional-looking resume can create your instant impression.

It reflects you & your skills which will make you unique from others. So, make your unique selling resume (USR) & win the game.

# Different types of  Resume / CV

There are different types of CV/ Resume available and the format of the Resume and CV depends on the job you are applying for.


A chronological resume is a type of listing your work-history & relating to that another job posting and all. It is used to mention your work experiences with different category jobs.

Employers prefer this common type of resume because they easily can see what you have done before getting into the right position.

Used by: It is used by the job seekers who have a high interest in a particular job and did very well with strong, powerful work-history.

This a very common formats of resume and career-changing formats.

Most of the employers use this type of resume.


It focuses on skills and experiences means, this type of functional resume only
create based on your unique skills and work-experiences.

Particularly, this resume verifies your talent based on which position you are applying to.

Unlike the functional resume, every employer or recruiter select a candidate who has
Skills for that position they want & experience with that.


Infographics are eye-catching, and infographics make it easy to highlight things.


It a combination of a chronological and functional resume. A few  recruiters prefer
a combinational resume to shortlist the jobseekers and it has the headlines with proper

Targeted resume:

This type of resume is a custom resume which made only on a personal basis, unlike the other common resume.

#How to create a winning resume with

Though there are thousands of options available to create your resume.

You can either do it by yourself in Doc or you can use any tool to complete this.

Here, I will talk about an AI-powered resume e builder which helps job seekers to create an optimized tailormade resume within minutes.

So,  I am talking about, a cloud-based AI-powered resume builder.

It has several high-quality resume examples for different sectors to help you get started.

How  is different from other Resume Builder?

The’s  AI  scanner analyzes your resume contents in realtime.

When you put the Job title and Job Description you are applying for, it finds out the missing keywords, helps you to fix your resume, and scores your resume based on that.

Isn’t it an interesting tool?

Features of


How much does cost? ( Pricing )

It has 3 plans,

Rezi Basic, where the signup is free and you can create up to 1 Resume. You can upgrade with $3/month to get access to additional features.

Rezi Plus, In this plan you can create an unlimited resume, unlimited cover -letters that you can export it to pdf &  Doc.

This plan costs  $9/month.

Rezi Pro, This plan covers all the premium features of the tool, optimization, and premium user support from the tools.

This plan costs $39 per month.

But there is good news,

Being a Member of  Skillclass, you can get the  Lifetime Access to the Tool almost for Free or at Nominal cost, Join the  SkillClass Group Today!

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