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5 Mistakes to avoid as an engineering student

avoid mistakes as an engineering student

Everyone does mistakes but avoid these mistakes as an engineering student can help you from the below phrase.

“Bhai Jeevan Chuno, Engineering Nahi”

I hope you heard the above line from many of your college seniors. Some of them advise not to choose Engineering.

Engineering, this is not just a word, this is everything for us when actually we are studying in class 12. But as soon as we get into an engineering college, engineering becomes a nightmare.

In Engineering  We have Sleepless nights, friends, fun, movies,  What a wonderful life to enjoy.

And on the other side Assignment, Lab reports, Semesters which kill us inside! [ Did I forget to mention anything else ? ]

But there is one thing more, which we realize in the final year, yes that one is Our Career, Placement / Campusing.

In today’s competitive market, it is not easy to set your life as an Engineering Professional, a report says 80% of engineers are unemployed.

Unemployment is the harsh truth about engineering. The reason behind the unemployment for more students is the mistakes they did during their engineering. But it can be solved easily if you keep your eyes open for the opportunities if you are good at managing yourself if you are ready to challenge yourself.

A cozy engineering life can’t help you to avoid mistakes as an Engineering student, so you gonna repeat the same. Today I thought to share some points you can go through to use your engineering life to build your career.

Not having Communication Skill,

Communication skill is the basic thing in your professional life. Developing better communication skills can help you to get better employment, to express your views, ideas in front of others.

But how many of you are confident in Communication?

Many of us have very poor presentation skill, some students ran away from presentation day, some try to hide their faces and rely on their group partner to cover them.

Even in the campusing period, the interviewer will check your communication skills. You just can not escape from this if you want a better job, a better salary and better growth in your life. Your whole professional career depends on How you communicate with others.

Without proper communication, Do you think you can get a good girl/boyfriend nowadays?
[ jokes apart :-p ]

So to be effective in communication, try to give more presentations, join the society and cultural activity groups, talk to the people and try to learn from them.

5 ways to improve your communication skill

Too much focus on CGPA,

Well  6cgpa to 10cgpa, there is the hype of scoring more to prove yourself in the college. Having a good grade is appreciated. A student with good grades obviously gets more attention during the college period.

But some students are very conscious about their Semester grades and don’t try to explore their inner skill at which he/she good at.

Always remember, only good grades can not assure you better placement. You have to be a complete package for the companies. So during campusing, you will find many students having average grades cracking the better placement then the topper.

No one will ask your Cgpa after college.

To be a good student you have to be good with other extra-curricular activities, you have to learn practical things and its application along with the theoretical knowledge.

So, If you are focusing too much only on Cgpa, your Engineering life is not worthy.

Try to find out your interest, your inner skill and how you can use them to solve problems. A student with a problem-solving attitude will be ahead of a student only with Good Grades in a paper.

Jack Ma says: I told my son: you don’t need to be in the top three in your class, being in the middle is fine, so long as your grades aren’t too bad. Only this kind of person has enough free time to learn other skills.

Not learning New SKill,

In my engineering days at KIIT UNIVERSITY, I found a few percentages of students are interested in learning a new skill.

Skill doesn’t mean to learn C and Java programming one month before the Campusing. Skill is something at which you have expertise. Which you already tried and brought some results.

There is a tendency to learn a programming language and some old days course in the Summer and winter vacation.

Though these are basics and you should learn but if you are not preparing yourself with a new skill as per the market trends, you can’t compete with those who know it.

You can also opt for  Learning Cyber Security, iOS Development, Android Development, Digital Marketing, AI, ML and there any many more new things to learn which have crazy demand across the globe.

The reason is simple, New technology has very few experts, so allocate your time to be an expert in new technology which has a vast opportunity in the future.

Not Doing an Internship,

Do you know maximum candidates get rejected in their job interviews?

This is due to the lack of having practical skills and know-how of corporate environments.

Going to college and gossiping with friends in the classroom can’t be compared with the real environments of the company where you will work with your colleagues.

The maximum company does look for candidates who have experience in working real-time environments and have exposure for the same or at least have done some projects by themselves. Companies have basically three bars to hire a candidate…

  • What do you know?
  • How well you know?
  • What will the company gain?

An Internship, in that case, can really help you to be the better version of you. You will know about how the industry work, what are the most important task they do, what tools they use, what knowledge a person should have to lead there.

Without an Internship with a real environment, it is impossible to explore and shape yourself accordingly.

Therefore, I recommend you to apply for internships, challenge your self to learn and come up with your own live projects. Having one or two live projects to highlight during the Interview can boost your impression.

Not using Internet Resources,

The Internet is a vast source of knowledge and resources. If you want to learn something valuable and enhance your skill, you can search for many research papers, pdf tutorials, blogs, youtube channels, and educational sites to do online courses.

But the question is How effectively you are using the internet for your career?

Being an Engineering student, everyone has an addiction to social media sites. You can use these social media effectively by joining various groups and community, you can take help from there to learn and grow yourself.

Wrapping Up,

In conclusion, if you are an engineering student irrespective of your branch and year start learning a new technical skill, develop communication and other soft skill. Join seminars, conferences, and workshop nearby you. Try to allocate a small time every day to read books.

And the more important thing, look inside you, which technology or subject excites you most. Don’t take decisions based on your group partner or your best friend. So avoid these mistakes as an engineering student and make a better future as an engineer, all the best.

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